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  • Automated Slide Scanning

    Manufactures of Automated slide scanning systems require a digital camera to accurately capture an image of the slide being examined for quantitative analysis. Speed of capture, excellant sensitivity, reliability, and repeatability are key requirments provided by Vieworks digital cameras. 

  • Biometrics

    Vieworks digital cameras provide he resolution and sensitivity needed to capture Fingerpint and Eye images.

  • Mobile Mapping

    Vieworks digital cameras capture images from a car or van being driven on a roadway for mapping and information purposes. Our high performance digital cameras provide the image quality demanded by this application.

  • Ophthalmology

    Ophthalmology is a medical field that deals with a variety of visual pathway problems. Ophthalmic Imaging System manufacturers require a digital camera that replaces traditional film cameras used for retinal photography. Vieworks digital cameras provide photographic quality along with excellant sensitivity.

  • PCB & BGA Inspection

    Improving the quality and manufacturing yield of your products is easily accomplished with our High Performance digital cameras. Our products offer High resolution, low noise, high dynamic range, and fast frame rates to help you increase the number of parts you can inspection per hour.

  • Military

    Soldier of the future, Land, Air, or Sea battlefield information, secure facility monitoring, and soft copy capture of images all demand High Performance digital cameras. Vieworks digital cameras provide high resolution, low noise, high dynamic range, and both color or monochrome image capture.

  • Microscopy

    Vieworks digital cameras on a Microscope provide the resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range you need. Fast frames, as high as 340 frames/sec, allow you to capture time sequences of your moving cells.

  • Machine Vision Inspection

    Whether your application is inspecting bottles and cans, textiles, or automotive parts Vieworks digital cameras provide you the resolution and performance you need to make that critical inspection. Our products provide high resolution, low noise, high dynamic range, and high frame rates.


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February 12, 2014
posted by terry, 2:18 pm
Event Date
05 - 09 May 2014
The Baltimore Convention Center
One West Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

See the latest digital imaging cameras for Surveillance, ISR, Remote Sensing, and Persistent Surveillance applications.

January 19, 2014
posted by Kris Balch, 9:29 pm

New cameras offer 8K resolution at 77 KHz line rate & 16K resolution at 40 KHz line rate

Vista, CA, Jan 14, 2014 – Vision Systems Technology, (www.visionsystech.com), a leading supplier of high performance digital cameras, announces the availability of the VL Series, 16K and 8K linescan digital cameras. These cameras feature the... Continue Reading